Monday, September 10, 2012

A new week starts

I woke up without alarm clock. My sleep was deep. Most of the time I sleep not so deep, I wake up when I turn around, I wake up when the slightest sound can be heard. Not so this night. I miss some time in my memory. I feel so well-rested, I feel ready for the day.

With my pyjama on I went on the balcony after having opened my eyes and after some dawdling time in the cosy bed. Sun is shining again, it's rather warm. On the balcony is no wind. Close to the beach is wind that cools the skin and plays with the hair. Sun and wind make me wear a jacket. Sun and wind give me a lot of joy. I protect myself from it, only to have more fun with it. The sun warms me and even tans the exposed skin, like face and feet. The wind reminds me that everything is in movement, everything changes. Merciless they can be, the sun and the wind.

It's vacation time. For me this is no difference to my daily life. I also do on vacation what I love to do on an ordinary day.
I want to practice after breakfast. Friday is classic primary. Sunday is classic second series. Today is Monday and I want to work also on third series, but I must see what is possible.

Till late at night we can here the Bulgarian life music that is offered in the restaurant close to the beach. Sometimes it is as if the singer are in competition with each other. Who can sing louder? Who can be more dramatic? I listen and I'm entertained. The music tells me that I'm far away from home (Sozopol, Bulgaria).

Pictures from Bulgaria can be found here, it's my flickr album.

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