Friday, September 21, 2012

3 asanas from the closing sequence

Salamba sarvangasana: I miss my feet on the picture. For learning purposes the picture will do.
- I think my elbows could move a tiny bit to each other in order to be parallel.
- I could stretch a bit more to be even a bit more straight.
- Important is and I do this that the chin is not pressed again the chest, it moves upwards.
- I always take care that the weight is on my arms.
- I don't go from halasana to shoulder stand. I did this for a very long time, but it's not really necessary and it also shall not be.

Halasana: Hips, hips, hips.....the movement starts from the hips to lower the legs. The back remains like in salamba sarvangasana. In my last pictures my feet were a bit sloppy, I corrected this. In Ashtanga yoga we stretch them.
Also here it's good that my chin is up and not pressed against the chest.
The next level and I'm working on this is to bring the palms together.

Karna pidasana: The eyes remain open. Dristi is the navel according to Matthew Sweeney. I thought it's the nose. However, the eyes are open and uddjay breathing is done till savasana. In a workshop by Lino Miele I learned that one looks towards a gazing point. Also here I work on bringing the palms together.

Today is Friday and I'll practice primary. Today my yoga practice comes first. Sometimes when I've too much to do I postpone it. Other activities have priority then. This relaxes me much more than a yoga practice. Things get done then and this is a good feeling. Yesterday I was so busy, it was evening when I was at home again and I omitted my practice. It's so OK.......I think it's also a sign of being flexible.

Today I'll start with the CD by Sharath to get into the rhythm. 

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