Monday, August 13, 2012

We were 2 yoginis today

2 yoginis form a group. Even 1 person can be enough "social control" to get me going. I'm so grateful. Such a lovely practice happened through my body this morning in the shala.

I didn't like to change the order of the asanas to have it easier with urdhva dhanurasana in the end. So I did the suryas and then the second series. After the headstands I continued with the next 7 asanas of the third series. I made it a bit easier: no vinyasa between the sides. Kasyapasana and chokrasana I practiced together. I relaxed into hanumanasana when it fitted. Wow. And urdhva dhanaurasana was excellent, too. It was a satisfying practice experienced in a strong and flexible body. The breath accompanied me. It was all perfect today.
I have no expectation for tomorrow. This is better so.

At the end when I was in headstand I tried to lift up the head, comme il faut. The wall gave me confidence and I also needed it. The goal is to practice this in the middle of the room. It's probably true what Sharath said during one of the last conferences in Gokulam: one must also learn to fall.

My plan for tomorrow when I practice at home: Suryas, second series till after the twists (or perhaps till after karandavasana) and then third series asanas with all the preparation asanas that I know. It's a shorter practice than usual, but long enough.

To do every day a tiny step in the direction I want to go is accomplished enough for a day.

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