Sunday, August 12, 2012


Oh, oh, oh, what do I see: The knees are more than hip width apart. They must move away from each other when I go backwards. When I start they are parallel. 

I wanted to draw the attention to another mistake. Dristi is the nose and not upwards. When I look upwards the front wrinkles. This can never be the intention. The face remains relaxed. I take care of this.

One can practice this asana so and so. The hips move forward. The shoulder blades move together. This intensifies the back bending. The little toes move towards the floor. It's an active asana.

I experimented today and put my hands next to the feet on the floor, first inside then outside. To have them outside is easier, perhaps not so effective. It felt new. To say more I must repeat it. The intention is to intensify the back bending, my weak point.

Oh, what was I happy that I was on the mat today:
I had standing asanas, balancing asanas, forward and back bending asanas, twists. I got frustrated because of the vinyasas. I was content because pashasana was possible and urdhva dhanurasana was better than expected. Wha else can I wish!

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