Monday, August 06, 2012

Under 10 sec....(for 100m)

This was the highlight of the evening. Who is the fastest on this globe (animals excluded)? It was a man from Jamaica. So fast he was. Oh my. I love to see these gifted bodies. It seems to be fun to run. It's an emotional coming together, the Olympics.

It's 4 years now that I was in Gokulam. One of the waiters of the Green Leave told me every time when I ate there (every day) how many gold medals the German won. OH sweet memories.

Some people know how to run, some know best how to jump, some play best in a team, some are super flexible and strong. Everybody is specialized.

Not one sportive activity is so holistic like yoga. An exception: We yogis/yoginis don't exercise springiness, only when we practice nakrasana. This is not much. Even when yogis/yoginis practice fast, it's mainly a slow exercise to calm the mind.

Shall one compare all the time? No.
I've found what fits to me. And the huge advantage of my yoga practice is that I can still do it when I'm 90. Hopefully. My role model is B.K.S. Iyengar here.

The Olympic games are a game for the youth.
It would interest me right now who is the oldest participant. I googled. Hahaha....The 2 oldest people are a 71 year old Japanese man who lives in Germany for decades. He does horseback riding. And there is a 72 year old man from the Netherlands who is shooting. These 2 people might be exceptions.
There are so many different sportive activities that can be part at the Olympics, even beach volley ball is a discipline.

It was rainy this morning. We had breakfast on the terrace under the marquee. Self-made jam, black coffee, German bread pleased our taste buds. Next comes lunch........hahaha.........

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