Saturday, August 04, 2012

Tips from an experienced house wife

And we're all house wifes from time to time, also the men, also singles, partners, lazy ones, everybody.

After decluttering (throwing out garbage), organizing and cleaning are 2 skills that make life more beautifully.

One can clean so and so. The bacteries are in the corner.
Cheap little helpers are vinegar 100% and a tooth brush.
- With the vinegar it's easy to remove chalk.
- With the tooth brush one can clean the corners. Around my sink i.e. is a little step. The sink is of another material. This tiny step is a paradise for dirt and bacteries. With a tooth brush one can easily remove this stuff. The difference can be seen.

Change cleaning stuff fast: a new cloth is not so expensive and it's more fun to clean with a new one. A dirty cloth doesn't help so much anymore.
(Take different sponge for the bathroom and for the kitchen. I've seen a lot in my life already.)

My spices stand in alphabetical order.

I use my pomodoro timer: 25 min, 5 min break, then the next 25 min, a longer break. Then again 25 min, 5 min break ....... right now I enjoy a longer break. Ah........

Things get done on my yoga free day. :)

Time to clean in the bathroom.

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