Monday, August 20, 2012

Supta vajrasana

When I practice at home and when it's supta vajrasna that shall be done, I feel like on a date and nobody is coming. Most people (98%) cannot go back on their own. Usually a yogini helps or the teacher. It's necessary to keep the knees down. It's an intensive backbending for sure. I already mentioned in an earlier pose that helping others here can be seen as giving something back from all the attention that one has got already.

My main feeling is it interrupts the flow of the one who helps. Sometimes this break is appreciated, me too I give the adjustment when I see that someone needs it. It also interrupts the flow of the one who likes to do it. Sometimes one has to look around to find someone who could help.
Alone at home I know I cannot do it.

When I practice alone at home, I usually stay for 5 breaths in the above pose. I try to exit putting my hands in mayurasana. As so often the vinyasa is the challenge.

I practiced today. It was early afternoon when I was on my mat. I was flexible. Sometimes other activities have priority. It relaxes me much more to do some duties first than to practice with the feeling that I have no time for the necessities.
After pincha mayurasana I did the closing sequence and I was happy that I had practiced.

Enough for today. 

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