Thursday, August 09, 2012

Supta kurmasana

What else motivates me to step on my mat?

There are general guidelines that help almost everybody to do anything, like practicing daily at the same time the same place. Not to discuss if one does anything is another general tip.
There are also individual causes that motivate a person to get going. To find them out one must observe oneself.

Taking pictures of myself practicing yoga motivates me. I'm always curious how it looks when my body is in an asana. When I plan to take pictures I step on my mat easily. Today I even wanted to take a picture for my calender.
Taking pictures spoils a practice most of the time, but I practice.
After having taken the pictures I was curious if they were OK. I check them on the PC and usually the body gets cold and stiff again when I make a break that long.

I was stiff today, the vinyasas were so lousy. I was not sure if I could do supta kurmasana, but I could. More important than anything else is that I practiced.

Time flies. we eat early at my parents home: 11:30.
A trip downtown is planned with my mother this afternoon. Blues music, jazz music is offered.

I miss E already. On Saturday he'll pick me up at the station in Munich.


Kitharo said...

This picture looks somewhat surreal...might be the light, I don't know, but I like it :)
Isn't it hard to select just 12 pictures from all those great ideas?

Ursula said...

Hi Kitharo,

What makes the picture surreal is the color. In the calender it will be more real.

OK, I admit, I've a lot of ideas.
The challenges come from another side:
1. In December one cannot publish a summer picture. Nevertheless I take almost all pictures during summer time. How to transport winter atmosphere is not that easy. The picture must fit to the month.
2. For some poses I need to be flexible. Outside I cannot do a long warm-up.
3. This year I neglect that it could be good to have a similar style in each picture.
4. I want to sell this calender: what do my potential clients want is difficult to answer.
5. To find good locations takes time. I love to be a hunter for places, too.

I think you see different aspects what it means to make a calender. :)

To make another calender is fun. I enjoy to do it and the learning process....:)

Kitharo said...

Yeah, it's the light, but it looks really interesting

Ok that are a lot of things to consider.
For the winter atmosphere I'd rely on E :) Doesn't he travel all these nice time he travels something winter-ish, join him haha

Where do you want to sell the calender? Could you give the option for potentiel clients to chose the pictures they like? This could avoid the "What do my clients want?"-question...

Have an nice weekend :) Greeting Julian

Ursula said...

Thanks for your ideas, Julian.

You practice yoga yourself. It's not really nice to practice when it's cold. It's not necessary to travel, the winter in Germany are cold enough. The calenders for next year are available the 1st July the year before. I'm already late. I cannot wait till December to take pictures for the next year. It needn't to be winter to have a cold atmosphere. Don't worry, I have ideas.

Of course it's not possible to give free choice of the pictures once the calender is done.

Oh Julian,........:)

I sell the calender via zazzle, like last year.

Kitharo said...

Ah I see.. I didn't know there was a date when you've to be finished. Well, I'm sure you'll think of something to get the winter photos, too ;)

And I've never heared of Zazzle before, guess I've to check it out :)

Yeah I actually realised I never wrote my name when I commented and since I visit your blog reguarly I should introduce myself ;)

Ursula said...

Hi Julian,
You have a very beautiful name.
Pleased to meet you. :)

Zazzle is for artist who want to sell the art on clothes, cups, calenders. The quality is good and they do all the shipping. They are active in many countries, too.

rishikul yogshala said...

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Ursula said...

Hi Rishikul,
It's OK to use the comment section to promote the own website.

I have not touched the topic about teacher training, but I will.......
It is an interesting topic.