Sunday, August 19, 2012

State of emergency: good weather here

When the temperature reaches 28° Celsius it's a must to enjoy the weather. Everything else must be postponed. The weather dictates what to do: one can go out swimming or sit in a café, or a beer garden. To stroll along the Isar is allowed, too. To clean the house is a no no on such a day. So we went out today, we sat in a café in the shadow. We drank water and sweated. Oh. And we read our books.

I managed it to prepare a salad for us in the late afternoon when we were at home again. I picked me up later to clean the kitchen, this belongs to the end of a meal. It's the finishing routine. A messy kitchen in the morning drives me crazy.

Tomorrow I want to get back to a healthy routine despite the good weather. I wish we'd had 300 sunny days like in Marseille. But we don't have. Nevertheless for me the emergency state is over tomorrow despite the wonderful temperature. Ashtanga yoga first in a Mysore class. I want to take a picture for my calender. The list what I want to do is long. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. 

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