Thursday, August 02, 2012

Shalabhasana A + B and bhekasana

Shalabasana A and shalabasana B are the asanas I show people who have back issues. It's doable for everybody. It strenghtens the back muscles.

The adjustment: 
- First I stand close to the ankles, one of my legs on the right sight, the other on the left side and I ask the practitioner to press the feet against my legs. I learned this from M. One becomes conscious of the muscles.
- Then I move the shoulders backwards.

Usually these adjustments are experienced as pleasant also for those who do not do back bending.

Before I lift the legs they need to be stretched. It's not about bending the knee, but about lifting the legs straight.
Another wide-spread mistake is the dristhi. It's not upwards, but the nose. 

Whatever is on the floor, needs to be firm on the floor. This helps. Always.

My focus is a bit different now when I practice bhekasana. Years ago I heard that I can move on to the next asana when my finger tips can touch the floor. I'm able to do this, but in my view nowadays it's a misunderstanding of the pose. It's a back bending. It opens the shoulders and the chest. The fingers or even the feet will touch the floor after years, this shall be a side-effect. Focus is the the center of the body, the spine, the back and not the periphery, the middle finger. M even tells me to press my feet against my hands so that I get deeper into the back bending.

Important: the upper arms are parallel, the fingers point forward.

Also when I do second series I do full vinyasa, these three asanas belong together. I start with full vinyasa and I end with full vinyasa. Between the asanas is a half vinyasa.


I love the early morning hours. My second cup of coffee is in the make. The day is still young and fresh. What will it bring?

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