Monday, August 27, 2012

Online and a keyboard is in front of me. :)

It must have been some time that I've been in that Internet café downtown. They have a new method to pay. I cannot buy a certain time anymore. I have to buy a drink. When I buy a small coffee for 2 Euro, then I can use the Internet for 15 min. When I want to be online for 60 min (which is nothing for me) I've to buy drinks and food worth 5,-- Euro. "But I only want a small cappuccino with soy milk AND I want to be online for an hour." I insisted. Everthing is negotiable. A bad deal to pay 5 Euro for the small cappo, but only at first sight.
I don't drink and eat when I'm not thirsty or hungry.

Yeah, my PC has a major issue. I'm not alone with this. Posts can be found online already but no solution. I'm not sure if we can solve these issues before our trip to Bulgaria. I suffer. Hahaha.....

How can I make the best out of the situation?
I start seeing some advantages of this isolation. My tax declaration comes into my mind. A lot of action can be performed while offline. Yes, yes, yes.......Pehaps I go swimming in the afternoon, lol.

Shall it be as it is. Suddenly I had time in the morning. I started decluttered, it's a never ending process. My home is like a garden and I've to weed.

28 min now.

Oh, it feels so good to blog, to keep knitting  my yoga blog.Every day a little piece.....
(The people opposite to me eat and drink......hahaha) Life is funny.

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