Saturday, August 18, 2012

On deadlines

I finished the book "Willenskraft" by Christisan Bischoff a few days back. It's written in German language.

Christian has been a professional baseball player, then a coach and now he's a speaker. He invented himself 3 times. This is not easy but obviously doable. In the book that I read he wrote about will power.

Interesting was what he wrote about deadlines. 
In almost every book on goal setting one reads that it's crucial to have a deadline. Sometimes it's even recommended to give up on a goal if it's not accomplished by a date.

Christian says the opposite. Don't make deadlines. Instead he says that it's better to do every day something for a goal. The reason: Everything takes longer than thought. To become a successful speaker lasted 4 years i.e.

I (unfortunately) can share this thought: Everything lasts longer. I know some examples where it would have been a pity if these people would have given up on a goal only because the deadline passed.

P. Jois is an example. He worked 50 years on the goal to spread Ashtanga yoga worldwide. I get always goosebumps when I think of this.
Today I read that Attilla Hildmann worked 7 years on his vision to spread the vegan idea till he could make money with his books and shows and whatever. We all must survive, we all need money. Most people would have given up earlier.

For myself I can say that deadlines motivate me. Before a test i.e. I used to learn much more. A deadline gives me drive. But I changed my view. A deadline is not a line and afterwards a project is dead. A deadline is no more a point to reflect on giving up something because it's not successful. It's rather a date of reflection new orientation, a motivation. It can be a moment to stop and modify a strategy. Some projects indeed might die after reflections, because interest get lost. But most things last longer and if the heart blood is involved re a goal, it's good to move on as long as it's possible.

So if passion is still experienced let's keep going and forget about deadlines as a point to stop doing something.

PS: Of course I cannot publish my yoga calender 2013 in 2015. Sometimes deadlines are given from outside. But this is something else.

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