Friday, August 31, 2012

No Internet access, no breaks.

It's so easy. At least I've found one positive aspect of not being able to be online at home. It intensifies my practice. One distraction less that could seduce me to leave the mat during a practice.
I sit again in a café, a cappuccino next to me. It's a joy to write and I didn't care that it was raining outside. I packed my PC and went. Here I am now. At the neighbour table are people who talk so loud. music is on, I know how to focus.

Primary was excellent this morning. I was again creative and added the forward split and side split and the pose on the picture. This is very close as it should be.

Back bending is what needs extra attention. The pose on the pictures could help me. It lengthens the front of the hip and I can walk my hands backwards, which opens the chest. Goal is to bring head and foot together. It's a long way to go. Next time I'll move the head backwards.

After having done this pose I practiced urdhva dhanurasana and it felt good. I dropped back once, this feels better and better.

PS: When I see my stiff spine, I know that I was sitting too long at the office desks. Hahaha......

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