Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Like 2 years ago

Kapotasana: nothing moves, it seems so. This is unbelievalbe.

Why are the elbows so far away from each other?
Why can I not reach my toes with my fingers?

This is frustrating, but this sort of feeling doesn't help. I shoo it to hell and think of a strategy. It's simple, I must do more asanas of this sort. More back bending, more more more...... It would be good to hold them longer. Patience is required. I will have it.

This pose seems doable, also for me. I'm convinced. It's a long long journey to a decent kapotasana.

Next time I'll use props again. A block between my feet shall keep them parallel. A strap could keep my arms closer together.

It feels so good when I do this pose, my pictues speak another language. 


dtw said...

Hi Ursula,

I'm working on kapotasana as well. I'm currently trying to use a strap that runs under my shins with the two ends running behind me; then when I drop back I grab each end of the strap with my hands and slowly try to work my way along the strap towards my feet. Like yourself, my kapotasana feels very deep, but pictures tell me another story.

Ursula said...

This is a very good idea dtw. I will try this, too.