Saturday, August 18, 2012

It was hot today

Sometimes the weather dictates what one has to do. So hot it was today. No way that I'd do anything at home. The dust doesn't fly away and the mess will wait for me, too.

We went out and landed in a shadowy beergarden and later we were in a café with a garden outside. After hours one feels like changing the place, the seats, the view. We read and talked a bit, I took pictures of people. Some belonged to the Bavarian tribe and were dressed in the traditionel clothes with hats and feathers and leather pants.

The book that I read provoked tears that I tried to hide, pretending being allergic. Being moved so much I can already say it's an excellent book that I read, it's my preparation for the upcoming trip to Bulgaria: It's "Grandhotel Bulgaria" by Angelika Schrobsdorff.
Through an autobiographic story one often learns more about a country than through travel guides. People are the focus and not only tourist attractions and cafés where everbody sits then when in a guide.

Tomorrow I'll step on my mat again. I'm motivated. Second series, just this is on the schedule.
Write it down, let it happen.
I've no expectations. 

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