Sunday, August 19, 2012

I missed sun rise.

I missed sun rise. It's OK. To sleep in from time to time is luxury that I can enjoy. And most of the time I get up at 6am. It was close to 9am I think when I found the way out of the bed this morning. I rinsed the sweat of the night away with warm water under the shower. The cold shower at the end should wake me up. The coffee afterwards was necessary to make me feel really awake. Now I'm present. Here I am.

Hahaha, sometimes one must write something only to find out that it's no more true. 25 min I wrote about the imagination to see myself with golden skin, very blond hair and blue eyes. But I don't want to be tanned anymore. Pale is good for me, it fits to me. It looks a bit morbide even though it isn't. It fits to dark nights. I know better activities than to fry under the merciless sun. To sit in the shadow with an autobiographic story pleases me so much more.

Sunday: My yoga week begins. Second series.

(Should one publish a blog post when one has not much to say? I think yes.)

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