Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I make porridge out of the series and call it flexibility.

Place 17, 0,80 Euro per hour, a fan blows cold air on my neck, India feeling comes up.

My PC still doesn't allow me to go to the Internet. The IPad is not a substitute, not for those like me who type with 10 fingers and blindly. It's great to open it and to be online, I admit. Everything else is not convincing. There are Internet shops round the corner without the obligation to buy food and drinks. The Africans here drink beer. In one of these shops I am now and I feel good, if not excellent. It's after practice time.

But the title of the blog didn't mention my Internet issues. I distract.

Back to yoga: I was searching for a solution re the challenge to practice second series and then the 7 third series asanas. I love to learn third series, but when I finally at the end of second series shall continue, I'm always exhausted. For the most challenging asanas I have no energy left anymore. This frustrates me. I found a solution. I add the asanas like kasyapasana after yoga nidrasana. I simply practice them in the middle when it fits. I also add the few asanas of the first series that need attention, like upavistha konasana.

To exercise anything once a week is not enough if one wants to progress. Daily exercise is required. During the summer time I'm happy with the solution to do a modified practice and to add the new asanas in the middle of any series. To stick to the series comme il faut I can do again when we have regular classes.

When starting third series one must become flexible. My approach feels good.

Here I sit now in an Internet shop close to the main station. A solution to update my blog and to communicate was found. Not a very good solution, a compromise, but I've a keyboard in front of me. That I cannot upload pictures doesn't please me at all. The keyboard here is not a good one, too. I have to hammer with my fingers on it. taste, my wishes, my preferences are advanced. I'm happy, I simply describe the differences.

My forced isolation, not being able to be online, connected with the world gave me a lot of time. I decluttered. Mainly books had to go. One day they will burry me. One of the shelves is moving towards the room already. Sometimes E worries about this, I calm him.
It feels good to have less things. No Himalaya made of books is on the floor anymore. The life of a yogini shall be simple. To make life simpler is part of the practices of a yogi/yogini. It's one of the few rules that is given. So wise. It gives energy for the essential activities like practicing asanas, pranayama and meditation. And being lazy......just doing nothing, but being.

During my practice this early afternoon I was focused, my issues were forgotten. Inhaling, pause exhaling and so forth. My focus was to feel the edges, to push them a bit. All my thoughts were gone, I could interrupt my thinking and I feel good now. All happens for a reason. I got reminded that everything is out of control. To accept is all one can do. It is as it is. And isn't it nice? Something moves. I experience my energy. I'm at a new places. I have time.......and even though I didn't blog yesterday I got new followers, hahaha.....:).

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