Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I give up. For today. For now.

Laghu vajrasana, the first real problem case. This morning I read that problems are opportunities to grow. I must grow here indeed. To go down even controlled is not the issue. To come up is it. With long arms it's easier, but I have my beautiful arms and this pose is doable for me, too, only not yet.

In class I use a strap around my upper thighs and I pose a block where my head is. From a bit higher it's possible to come up, even when I take a few breaths in that asana. How long do I have to enjoy this plateau???? I want to get rid of the block and the strap! I want to move forward.

My pictures tell me a lot. The front of the hips are not open. The bow is too long.

A strategy is needed: Repetition always helps. I could reduce the height where my head bit by bit with books i.e.

This is an exercise I always do before kapotasana. It shall open the hips and the chest and the shoulders, too. I don't try anymore to go down with the hands as far as I can. The intention of this exercise is to push the hips forward. Deep breathing makes a difference. Being able to breathe when there is pressure on the chest is important. Deep breathing helps to come up.

This exercise supports laghu vajrasana, too. I even think, every back banding asana helps me. The more I practice them, the better.

After the twists I did some preparation asanas for the third series, like hanumanasana, upavistha konasana and supta parsvasahita. That was it. Energy was gone then from one second to the next. Really! Haha......I simply couldn't move on. Stiffeness came into the body after I had uploaded the pictures. This made it not easier to move.

To let go is relatively easy today. The weather is so good, sunshine. I feel like going out. I think it counts as a practice what I did today.

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