Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How to get on the mat...

For Cayra: 

What to do if it's difficult to step on the mat at all.

My tips: 
1. Role your mat on the floor already the evening before your morning practice.
2. Sit down and imagine yourself sitting there in the morning.
3. Go to bed on time so that you have enough sleep to feel well-rested the next morning.
4. Plan to sit down, that's it.
5. I'm sure you want to practice a bit more if you've planned time for one hour i.e.
6. Then start practicing. Don't do too much, it's just a start.
7. Repeat this the next evening and morning till it's a habit again.
8. Every day a bit is much better than a marathon practice.

What else helps me:

I loved reading the book "The tools". I linked to the kindle edition here, so that you can order it easily. You can order it via my blog when you click on the link. Thank you. They mentiond 3 sentences that gets people going. Me too. Here they are:
1. Bring it on. 
2. I love pain. 
3. Pain liberates me. 
I don't need this for my yoga practice, but I have other tasks and duties that I procrastinate, till it's almost criminal. I say these sentences and repeat them, till I take action.

Please let me know about your next practice. I'm curious what helped you. Wink, wink......:)

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