Sunday, August 05, 2012

How to get going........another method.

On the road again.
Not yet. I'll have time for a practice before we drive to my parents. On Sundays my yoga weeks begin with second series.

What to do to schlepp myself on the mat? 

Here is another method. Think about any activity that you do and where you've never any issues to start it. This can also be something negative like smoking. Observe yourself very carefully. What do you think? How do you behave?

My example blogging: 
1. I don't think, shall I write or not, I do it.
2. It became a habit, a routine on a daily basis.
3. It's joy, I enjoy it, I'm in joy when I do it.
4. I have some easy starting routines like uploading a picture.
5. Some rules help me, too. Start with an exciting sentence, I read once. I try to apply this. This doesn't mean that every first sentence that I write is exciting, but the intention is there and after having written the first sentence a start is made.

Analyse one or two of your habits and then copy the behaviour pattern. Learn from yourself.

My mat is already waiting. Preparation is done. This makes the start easier, too. No discussion. I don't know how often I'll have time to practice when I'm with my parents. Today's practice is important. 

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