Wednesday, August 08, 2012

How I practice here.......

It was a much shorter practice as usual with focus on third series that I practiced yesterday.

I started with the sun salutations and the standing sequence. Then I did preparation asanas like parighasana and supta parsvasahita and hanumanasana. This was it. Lunch was ready then and I missed the closing sequence.

I'm happy that I was on the mat, this makes it easier to start today.

The challenge is when practicing third series, that the advanced asanas must be done without much preparation. The body must be really flexible without much warming up exercises and without much preparation asanas where each one goes a bit deeper till the advanced asanas come.

One must be attentive, cautious and not too greedy. Injuries like overstretching oneself seems possible.

Time to step on the mat. It can be that I practice in the garden. The sun is shining, I like to have it warm.

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