Saturday, August 11, 2012

He'll pick me up at the station

"Don't come too early," he told me on the phone. Of course not. I know that he loves to sleep in. And my parents are happy when I have lunch with them. At 2:07pm my train leaves for Munich and two and a half hours later I'll be in Munich.

Yesterday I practiced primary. I had not enough time to do all the poses. It's OK to have a shorter practice from time to time. It was so good that I had moved.
The entire day we were at the horticultural show. More than 6000 people visit the garden daily. Flowers of the region are shown. There is enough opportunity to sit on chairs or on rubber cushions in the grass. Many spend the entire day there, like we did. Restaurants make sure that the slightest hunger can be satisfied. I took 280 pictures, enough said about how I liked it to be there.
This morning I was busy to copy the flower pictures on a UBS-stick. It's not so easy. I didn't manage it to copy the edited pictures. At least my father has something. I must know how to do copy the edited pictures from Lightroom to a stick. From Lightroom it's not possible, but from a copied file on the disc. It will take another day till I know how to do it. This is so.

Time to have lunch, we eat early here: 11:30am.


Anna said...

They let you go then. ;-)

Ursula said...

I wanted to stay a week and I stayed a week. It was very very nice.