Friday, August 03, 2012

Finding an approach to third series

After primary or second series my energy is almost used up. To start with something new like the third series is possible, but weak. I've to fight with myself to do it, even though I want to learn the next poses. It is that I've reached a limit already. To go on then surely brings strength in the body and the mind. On the other hand  I've nothing to prove. I like a relaxed learning.

So yesterday I practiced till after the standing asanas and then I focused on the first third series asanas. I did exercises and asanas that are necessary to be able to perform like hanumanasana.

I've not yet created something systematically, but I will.

A. For vasisthasana it can be that I do the following:
1. visualizing the pose
2. Supta parsvasahita from primary
2. Hanumanasana (forwarad split) and upavishta konasana A.
3. Doing the pose with legs together
4. Doing the pose with the one leg up, but knee bent

Then repetition.

All the poses aim at opening the hips. It's all about the hips again, yes, yes.
For the balancing poses strength is needed, too.

B. Viswamitrasana: I could begin with parighasana. Then again forward split.

C. The next poses are doable. I could hold them longer and repeat them at least once.

Oh a plan has developped.

Today primary with a few extras like marichyasana E and F and hanumanasana are on the schedule.

I think Matthew Sweeney mentioned it in his book "Astanga yoga as it is" that when one has started practicing third series one has to become flexible re the approach of the asanas. It can be that one has to consider alternatives for a while, i.e.
In daily life I could observe that I got more flexible, too. My morning routine is no more so strict as it used to be and it doesn't disconcert myself. When I write my journal after my practice then it is so. When I postpone my practice because some duties have to be done first, then it is so. Not that I consider this ideal, but I'm more relaxed with this flexible structure of my day from time to time. 


Kitharo said...

How long is your practice these days when you add the third series asanas?

And another article:

Have a nice weekend :)

Ursula said...

I don't know it 100%, but between 2 hours and 2 hours 30. This includes additional exercises for some asanas of second series, repetitions of third series asanas, intensive urdhva dhanurasana and 10 min relaxation.

Nevertheless it's long. It's good for a while to build strength.

My home practices last minimum that long, because of the breaks I take, psssssst....:)

Kitharo said...

Ok that's the time frame I imagined (and I admire your dedication :)) How does third series feel up to this point? Are you exhausted after it or energized like after a Primery?
Haha I have so many questions because I "only" know second series people :)