Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dhanurasana and parsva dhanurasana

Dhanurasana: I checked the book by Matthew Sweeney "Ashtanga yoga as it is. He has the  feet pointed, too. The challenge of this pose is to keep the knee together. Most common mistake is that yoginis look up instead towards the nose. That way the face stays relaxed without wrinkles on the front.

If the adjustment is given correctly it's my most favorite adjustment. M usually sits on my feet (the soles are parallel then, of course), my upper legs are on the floor. That way I feel really stable and I can pull my upper body backwards. Ah, this feels so good.

Parsva dhanurasana right side for 5 breaths. This is the challenge: One lies on the upper body not the shoulder and the knees are together. I do what I can.

Parsva dhanurasana left side held for 5 breaths. To keep the knees together is more important in my opinion than the correct head position. The head position here in not comme il faut, I think. It shall not move backwards only to the side.

And then again dhanurasana held for five breath. After that I get back to standing position, samasthitih.

My time is limited today. I so wanted to have a last practice on my super good yoga place. I was forced to practice without breaks. Wow and what an excellent practice happened. Now I'm ready to have a second practice and to pack my suitcase. Tonight we barbecue in my parents garden, how American, hahaha.......

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