Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A twist comes after bakasana in the second series. 

A tip for those you make their own choreography:
- After every asana follows a counter pose. In Ashtanga yoga the vinyasas between poses and sides guarantee this.
- The twists neutralize. To add them between back bending and forward banding asanas makes sense.

What I've learned bharadvajasana: 
A few months back M analyzed this pose with me, since then my understanding deepened.

Firstly, I try to reach the verse with one hand. On one of my first pictures I held the big toe. I must have thought that in Ashtanga yoga we always hold the big toe. Trying to reach the verse intensifies already the twist.
Then I should put my other hand on a block first, as far as I could, fingers pointing away from the body. Then I should turn them. I was asked what I realized. To move the fingers under the leg provokes that the shoulder moves forward.

This is what twists are: The movement starts from the hips as always. Then the shoulders move, too, one forward, one backward.

Twists feel good. For me it is as if I open the door to a cellar hole and finally fresh air is flooding into this stinky place.


Today I'll go to a Mysore class. My yoginis will give me the additional energy that I need to do the third series asanas.

Haha, this is the right side. I tested different perspectives.

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