Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bakasana A and B

The next poses in the second series is bakasana A and B. Bakasana A is doable, even though one can practice it so and so. My effort is to straighen the arms. Fear comes up that I fall forward. This won't kill me. Nevertheless the fear holds me back. And I need more strength in the arms. One must learn falling, for sure. The problem with falling here is that my room is rather  small and I don't want to fall against the glass door. An excuse?

Bakasana B: the vinyasa is the challenge. It's so important to give attention to the vinyasas right from the beginning on. Some yoginis move from almost handstand in that pose. Other jump into the pose and keep the hips low. For me it seems softer to come from handstand with bended knees.

To move from bakasana into handstand, oh this is a dream. It has no priority.

More important for me is to have a focused practice. This means to stick to even movments, the rhythm is given by the breath. Ashtanga yoga is so much more but fancy asanas.
Again and again I discover how helpful it is also in daily life to be able to focus. Things get done. Not only this. It betters the life because I've learned to move my attention to something I like. Thoughts might rise and they might be not so joyful. I observe them and if I realize that it's just a thought  I shift my attention and I focus on something I like. This mental activity gets better and better.

Yesterday was such a prolific day. I feel still like a hero of daily life. I cleaned, I made phone calls that I've postponed for months. In the evening my bf repaired our printer. Now I've no excuse anymore to do my tax declaration. I sit in front of a clean desk. Oh, a joy.

Time to move on here. The 25 min that I give myself for this blog post are soon over.
Also today I've a long list.


Kitharo said...

At least I'm not the only when who's afraid to fall flat on my face in such poses :)
Have a productive day ;) Blessings, Julian

Ursula said...

Dear Julian,
You won't fall on your face, but on your head, it's a bone. It doesn't hurt, but it's not nice either. Rather shocking. Adrenalin is in the blood from one second to the other. I know this from dropping back into urdhva dhanurasana. A few times I fell on my head, because I couldn't hold myself.

Happy practices.
Just finished an intensive second series. It feels so good...:)

Anna said...

I love your posts on focus. I've bought a timer in the shape of an egg - hope this gets me moving on stuff I've put off for months.

Ursula said...

Anna, the timer helps. 25 min, then again 25 min. When I do mental work I use my meditation timer. When I do chores with music on, I use my pomodoro that makes tic tac tic tac and a loud zzzzzzzzzzzzz at the end.

Good luck with your new timer.