Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back in my villa motley.

I sit here and enjoy my first cup of coffee, a strong one. These first hours of my day are perfect. Every day. I check what happened in the night around the globe. I write my journal and I think of the things I want to do and those I have to do. These days much much much more want-activities are on my lists than duties. And also duties and activities I consider necessary can be a want-activity, like renovating my room. I fear the task to carry all the books from a large room into 2 smaller rooms, but I want to have this room as nice as the other one. I don't care the effort that is necessary to accomplish this goal. My skills to organize things will improve.

My second cup of coffee is ready. A glass of tap water stands next to it. The  beverages of my current life: coffee, water and wine and very rarely a glass of freshly pressed orange juice. I was courageous this morning. I stepped on the scales, the figure I saw didn't astonish me. At my parents home we eat 4 times every day: In the morning we start with self-made jam and best German bread and coffee. I want to make my own jam, too, it's so much better. Then we have lunch, which ends always with a dessert, which is too good. After napping we have coffee and cake, self-made, too. Yeah and then dinner with vegetables from the garden, but also other stuff like cheese and my parents also eat sausage. When it's sofa time and TV time the pralinés and other sweets wander out of the cupboard and stand on the table to seduce the weak souls. 48,2 kg. The alarm clocks ring. Forty-eight is my set limit. When heavier than this I observe every bite I eat, every bite is rather an enemy with the potential to disturb me and my life, than a pleasure for my palate. Oh, it will be difficult today to take my legs behind the head. Mentally I go through my list of healthy habits:  water shall be my beverage, salad and fruit shall keep me alive, less is better, and I'll practice, no matter how hard it might be. I'll be strict with myself. I'll praise an ascetic life all day long.

The last kick that gets me going on the mat is that I want to take a picture of ustrasana. Those who read this blog regularly might have realized that I go through the asanas of the second Ashtanga series, one by one. Ustrasana is the next asana I want to write about. It's a favorite back bending asana.

Time to move on..........

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Anna said...

I would love a week at your mother's!! However, I need to lose a few kilos. -- I am at my personal limit too.