Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ardha matsyendrasana

Ardha matsyendrasana is an even deeper twist than bharadvajasana. I take my time to get into the pose. It's not done with one breath. I had to experiment a bit with the position of the feet and legs. I point the foot that lies on the floor. It looks better. 

I think that my arms are a bit too short to hold my thigh. 
I see something else. There is still space. When I move the shoulder backwards and when I stretch the arm I could hold my leg. This would made it easier to go even deeper in the twist. 
Hahaha, deeper, deeper, deeper. 

 We were 3 today at our self-practice. I practiced first the second series. I want to finish it before starting with the third series. I want to cross second series out as done, mentally. This is psychologically important.

Then I took it "easy". I did preparation asanas like supta parsvasahita, upavishta konasana, hanumanasana. I repeated them. Then I moved on to urdhva dhanurasana, once I dropped back. This was it what was possible today. I feel that I must approach third series in tiny tiny steps.

Time for a nap. 

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