Thursday, August 02, 2012

Again bhekasana

Today I went through my bhekasana history. Click on the link and then scroll down. There an early picture of bhekasana can be seen. Yep, enjoy the ride through the years of my bhekasana practice.

All the three critical points were done wrong in the beginning:
- I looked upwards,
- The upper arms were not at all parallel
- I forced my fingers to the floor, because I had heard that this is the entrance ticket for the next pose.

My bhekasana looks so much better today, even elegant, how I think. Now I see that I have understood that it's a back bending. M taught me this. Even though I did the pose on the picture without a warming up, my chest opens, my upper body is away from the floor. I look relaxed.

I love to repeat myself. My pictures help me a lot. Have the courage and take pictures of yourself in yoga poses, it will improve your practice.


Garp said...

Only by looking at the picture my knees already hurt.

Ursula said...

The knees don't hurt.

I understand your concern. I feared from the beginning on that it's a pose that is not so good for the knees. I don't know. Pain seems to be a good adviser here. As I don't have pain I practice this pose as always with care and attention.

Garp said...

Good! It would sadden me if your "luxurious body" got hurt ;-)

Ursula said...


No this we don't want that I get hurt. :)