Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A nice start in the day

It rained a bit when I was up finally, at 8am. I get up when I wake up, my alarm clock is at home.

The kitchen door that leads to the terrace was open when I went down. My mother was already in the garden to fetch tomatoes and the overdimensional cucumber. It was fresh, but I didn't care. To have breakfast outside is so wonderful. My mother rolled out the marquee, I took my plate, the cup of coffee, the bread and the home-made jam from the kitchen table and put it on the table outside and I my first meal outside under the sky (the marquee).

Yeppee, the sun is coming out, weather will change for the better.

Yoga: I need some time between breakfast and yoga. Second series is planned. Yes. yes. yes!!! One rest day is enough. I remember my own tricks: I'll sit down on the mat till I'll get bored..........and start with the first sun salutation.


Kitharo said...

It's good that you're having a nice time at your parents :) How long will you stay there?

I totally picked up that trick from you.. I read it somewhere in your older posts and it helps every time I'm too lazy. So thanks for that :)

Ursula said...

On Saturday I'll take the train to Munich.

And: it worked, I was on the mat for a short practice. It counts. :)

Welcome, welcome....:)