Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A light on the horizon

I'm sitting in a café, my own laptop on the table, a red wine next to me. This IS progress already. This restaurant opens at 4pm, I can wait so long every day to be online. The IPad is for reading, nothing for typing. This is already a better solution than this afternoon. Good is that I don't need a new PC before my trip to Bulgaria. To set it up again needs a lot of time.

Oh, so glad, so glad. I enjoy the ballet of my fingers. All my fingers flit over the keyboard. Fast they are and well-trained. They know where the keys are. I look at the screen. A skill that I have acquired when I was still in school and I never regretted this.

I fear my next posts will be long, a lot is in the pipeline.

The picture is taken a few days back. It rained and the sun was shining. Quickly I took my camera t capture this moment of opposites, darkness and  light. (They belong together - the opposites.)

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