Saturday, July 28, 2012

What to practice during the summer break

I'll keep up my daily practice. Especially in summer time it's great to practice as the body is softer due to the warm weather. How shall my practices look like:

Friday is primary: the classic.
Sunday is second series: also classic. I'll do nothing else but second series. I'll practice also the standing asanas till utthita parsvottanasana.

Monday and Wednesday we can use the yoga shala also during the absence of our teacher: How good.
I'll practice second series and the 7 asanas of third series. The group will give me the energy to do it. I reach my limits here.

On Tuesday and Thursday I'll practice at home: I can play and focus on those asanas who need more attention. Tuesday I can focus rather on second and third series. On Thursday it will be primary and third series.

The following asanas need extra love: 
- Back bending, back bending, back bending.
- Hanumanasana, forward split (and side split, too). Being able to do this will help me a lot when doing third series. 

All vinyasas need attention, too. An elegant transition between the asanas is the goal. OK, at least I've a plan. 

Saturday is my yoga free day. I need that day for other activities: cleaning, hahaha....

Picture is taken yesterday in a beergarden. 


Kitharo said...

Sounds like a good plan :) Summer shouldn't keep us from practicing...although I've to say: yesterday I felt like I was doing Bikram here in my room :)

Ursula said...

Thanks. Indeed, me too. My clothes are wet after each practice. I don't sweat so easily, but I feel how sweat is running down my body when I practice. I love it.

The difficulty is that the leg is sliding over the shoulder when practicing the leg-behind-head poses. Who cares.

The softness of the body in summer time is awesome.