Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Arabs have a sitting on the floor culture

On the project "villa motley": 
We want to sit on the floor. Not when we eat, but when we read and we watch TV. To sit on the floor needn't mean that one has it uncomfortable.
Yesterday I went to this Moroccan shop that offers furniture, tea glasses, silver plates, draperies and other beautiful things.
I told the owner of the shop what I was looking for. He invited me in another room where he had already prepared an Arabic sitting corner.
He: "I've just made a tea, would you like to have one".
Me: "Oh, yes, thank you."
I realized that the  tea with fresh mint leaves was prepared after my arrival and especially made for me, even though he had told me that the tea was ready already. He wanted to make it easy for me to say "yes". The Arabs are perfect hosts and perfect salespeople.

"People feel differently when they sit on the floor, more relaxed more private," he told me. "One talks about different topics when sitting on the floor, one is more open. Sitting on chairs is stiffer and this has an influence on the conversation and the relationship between the people."

For us, my E and myself it's also that U, a friend of us, who passed away a few years ago, continues living with us via that habit. He loved to sit on the floor, too.

Silver, gold, lilac, deep red, black..........what color combinations. I took a few shots to show it to E. On Saturday we'll both go to test sitting there again. Only he must get convinced, I am already.

Yoga: Today I want to return to the mat. It will be a modest practice. The left hip was pulled more than I want to admit. One must practice Ashtanga yoga daily. Too long breaks risk injuries. I'll practice primary, slowly, slowly and very attentively. 


Anna said...

We had no sofa or armchairs for a long time but then we drifted back into furniture. This post has made me think of returning to that habit. The problem with modern furniture is that it is manufactured using the worst chemicals you can think of. Everything has to be "flame retardant" etc etc and when we got our new sofa I had to open the windows to try and get rid of the 'off-gassing' odour -- and it's the same in new cars. Carcinogenic materials.

I'm sure E will love the new regime - he is intrigued by all your projects!

Ursula said...

I hope he loves it. I'm optimistic, like you.

Two salespeople will give their best: this Morrocan man and myself, lol.

Furnitures make stiff.