Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still early in the morning

At 9am the 2 Polish men will come again. It was such a good idea to delegate also painting the walls. I'm not able to change the floor, but the walls I've painted by myself 15 years ago. Nevertheless not everything that is possible needs to be done by myself. If someone else can do it better it's good to delegate.
The renovation of this room was overdue. The color is a tiny bit different than it has been, one has to get used even to tiny differences. It's again yellow, more yellow than on the picture. I bit too much yellow, I think now. The color was my choice, now I have to accept it.

What is great: not a tiny bit of dust is in that room anymore. It will be absolutely clean when I put things back. I'll be very picky what I'll put back. Especially my clothes and shoes must become less.

That this renovation happens now, makes me happy. My project "villa motley" progresses. It seems to be a natural process even. It's easy going.

I also want to have the other room renovated.

Yesterday E and I ate out at an Indian restaurant. I told him that I'd throw out a lot of things, also the incenses. But he likes them. He suggested to burn incenses more often. It amuses me that he loves such Indian atmosphere. He also loves to sit on the floor. When I hear this, I know we fit together. The average citizen wants to sit on a chair.

Yoga: It was not possible to practice. First these craftsmen were here the entire day, secondly all rooms are full of things that I moved out of this one room. Yoga shall support my life, sometimes I must push it away from the first place. The room that gets renovated is also my yoga room. I'll have it so much easier to clean it with the new floor. Wall to wall carpets collect dust and dirt, no matter how often one vacuums. For my yoga and pranayama exercises a clean room is the best environment. To work on last but not least making my life simpler had priority yesterday and today.

Oh, and this morning I felt my left hip, not the joint, but the muscle outside. I must have overstretched myself. I curse. Only a modest practice will be possible. I think it's always good to do a practice. One can practice around the "injury". This is part of the path to be confronted with setbacks from time to time. The day off today will be good, perhaps. I can meditate.

The planning of my yoga calender 2013 is in full swing. With this complaining hip, planning is everything I can do.


Renz said...

How lucky to have a special room for yoga! :D

I just started learning Yoga and lucky to be part of a Yoga workshop in Kuala Lumpur in August.

Ursula said...

This "yoga room" is a multi-functional room. In the morning it's a yoga room in the evening it's a TV room.

Much fun at the workshop.

Anna said...

Carpets are really disgusting - so unhealthy. Dust and mites etc etc. I never understand why people lay carpets in bathrooms - especially around the toilet!