Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Nothing is more beautiful but space. It's so rare. If I were alone I'd let the room as it is for another day or two. But we both must live again somehow, we must return to a functional daily life.

I'm very happy with the work of the Polish men. The floor is perfect. I love the color and finally this dirty carpet is gone.

Now it's my turn. I'll be so picky what I'll return to that room. It shall not be overloaded again, yet comfortable.

Time to attack this task. :) 


Anna said...

Beautiful! Space to breathe; space to live; space to dream.

Anna said...

PS. Love your LBD!

Ursula said...

What is LBD, Anna?

Yeah, I have to move things back.

I'm strong today, I discard.

These wall to wall carpets are a nightmare, so dirty, one can do what one wants, their destiny is to be dirty. Hahahaha.......

Kitharo said...

Beautiful wooden floor...which room is it? Is it your yoga room?

You've to take a picture when the room is finished :)

Anna said...

Little Black Dress! A wardrobe staple according to serious fashion gurus! Yours looks like a particularly lovely example.