Sunday, July 15, 2012

The room is empty.

My room is empty. Tomorrow I expect these 2 men who will renovate it.
Oh, I just received a message from the boss when they will come. This relieves me. One never knows who is reliable and who not. Hahaha.......

It's so amazing how many things can be stored in a room. I threw things away already. I will think twice what I'll return when all is done, the floor, the walls and the built-in closet. Clothes have to go, this is for sure. Also books.

The project "our villa motley" progresses.

Today I thought I want to live in a way that I don't need help to keep my things updated. I want to clean by myself, because I can do it better than anybody else. Lol. I have a professional approach to everything.
A flat with a balcony and few things shall be enough. A garden or a car requires a lot of time and support by others. Support means it costs something. Simplicity is what I want. Step by step I march in this direction and a feeling of being liberated comes up.

Today is the led class and I'm so not at all in the mood to go. It's cold outside. Next practice would be on Wednesday, if I won't go. To hang out in a restaurant with my kindle would cheer me up. To bath would have the same effect. I don't know if I'll go to the yoga class or not. I'm so indecisive. This happens from time to time, too. 

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