Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rolling Stones LIVE - "Let's Spend The Night Together" - on TOTP, '67

50 years Rolling Stones. 
It has to be, I've to publish one of my fav songs. 

Oh the energy of Mick, a vulcano he is. 
So fucking cool the others.


Anonymous said...

This was great! I was a big Beatle fan, but my bestfriend/roomate at age 18 was a BIGGER Rolling Stones fan. I never understood why - maybe I do now - stage presence! That Mick can move. The singer in my son's band has great charisma like Mick.
Enjoyed your Stones sharing, dear U.

Ursula said...

Oh this is it, presence, yes.

I also love to see young people.

To be able to move nicely is a gift.

All the old songs are available on youtube for free now. Amazing.