Saturday, July 21, 2012

My yoga free day

He sat down and smiled. This smile told me that he was surprised positively. It was comfortable this Arabic sitting environment. We only had to decide which cushion to choose. The Moroccan salesman was too good. Polite, not intrusive. Mint tea made of fresh mint leaves was inclusive. Later he winked at me as if we were accomplices. He remembered me from my last visit. People always remember me. It was not that I wanted to persuade E, I wanted that he liked this sitting environment. I'm so glad that we agreed. Next week we'll pick up the seats. The cover will be sewed by a woman. This must still be done. The cushions we carried home. At home I was strong enough to through out the old ones. To be honest I don't want to waste too much time on furniture.

I prepared a salad with everything that was fresh in the grocery store for dinner. As a side dish I had prepared potatoes. Red wine, the light of a candle made the dinner perfect.

The project "villa motley" progresses.

Next steps are indeed, cleaning the kitchen, the windows, the bathroom, picking up the seats, buying rubber rings so that the carpet is not sliding. And then the horror step comes: The floor of the other room must be renovated. I have to carry out all the books. This room is a library. Three days in advance I'll start emptying the room. It's not possible to do everything on my own. The Polish men promised me to help me. It will all happen in September. Hopefully.

Tomorrow I'll step on the mat for second series. I need it. 

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