Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, a fresh start

Monday means to refresh the oath.
During the weekend the cups are emptied. This allows a new beginning without the stories of last week.
I want to practice every day this week. This is the main oath.....hahahaha......

My day started with a healthy breakfast: a fresh mango with soy yogurt and a few almonds, water and coffee. With this the atmosphere of the day is set: light, healthy, joyful.

Today I go to the Mysore class. Second series is on the schedule. Why do I always fear to practice when I had more than one day off? My fear to have a lousy practice or even to injure myself starts when I had 2 days off. It seems to be a bad thinking habit.
I'll focus on the breath today. This is always doable. The performance of the asanas has second priority.

I was busy with other important tasks yesterday than my yoga practice: I discarded books, even yoga books have to go: Learn yoga in a weekend is not a title anymore that convinces me. It's a huge collection of books that I have. To call it a library fits, too. The books must become less, less, less........

Next steps in the project "villa motley": Yesterday my mother gave me advice how to prevent that the carpet is sliding. To put a rubber ring that is usually used for jam glasses under the carpet shall help. I found the same recommendation online later. Buying some is on my to-do list of today. finding someone who'll pick up the broken mirror is another next steps in the project "villa motley".

Time to dress.......


Kitharo said...

Looks like we're all back on schedule :) Don't worry about days off - sometimes they're necessary and strangly I sometimes think that I'm more flexible than I was before the rest days (like this morning)...maybe sometimes the muscles need a little time to heal and adjust :)
Have nice start in this sunshine week :)

Ursula said...

Oh, nice to read that you're back on the mat, too.

The less stronger one is, the more flexible one can become.

I think the progress in Ashtanga yoga is modest because we work on both: Strength and flexibility.

Sometimes I write that I'm stiff, but I could take both legs behind my head. It's all relative. :)

Namaste and have a relaxed evening.