Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Me, a nest builder

I discover talents: nest building talents. Step by step I improve our home. Yesterday a huge step was done. The new floor makes a difference. That the walls and ceilings are no more grey is refreshing. It still smells of paint.
Main task is to let go. Space is beautiful. Not less is more, but much less is more. Also today I feel strong to go on with my project. I have to. Only half of the things are back on place. I'm optimistic that I can do a lot today, not everything.

The carpet is sliding now, hahahaha......I'm sure that our system that is based on goods has created something that will solve this issue.
We need a new board for one of the shelves. I need spiling wedges under the shelves. This seems to be not much, my experience is it all takes much longer than one thinks.

From time to time I walk in my yoga room and admire the work, I smell the paint and I'm content.
Project "villa motley" is not yet finished. There is another room with a wall to wall carpet. It has to go, too. It will be in September.

Due to my hip I won't go to the Mysore class today. It seems that I've been too committed during one of my last practices. It's easier to practice modest when I'm alone. It's better already.

Time to be active..........


Anna said...

It looks lovely - refreshed!

Ursula said...

I'm very happy.

It's renovated, decluttered, organised and cleaned, even behind the chest. The curtains are washed. The windows still need cleaning. I need a board, but I progressed a lot.

6 piles of books are still in the other room. I don't want to think what to do with them. I need a break and a coffee outside.....

Kitharo said...

Change is always good and it all looks great. A little sacred space, that's nice :)

Hope your hip get's ok soon (I take a pre-moon day off, too, my shoulder hurts and I think two days off will be a great help) - may we all be healthy and ready for practice soon :)

Ursula said...

Yogis and yoginis heal fast....

A break is not the end of the world. We get back to the mat as soon as possible....wink wink.....:)

The room is great. :) It became a nice place, indeed.