Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Less is more

Just a reminder.

Tomorrow I'll throw out all my towels.

I'll substitute them. Every home needs some towels. But how many?

2 huge bathing towels and 3 smaller towels for E in blue, because he's a man. 1 huge bathing towel and 3 smaller towels for me in red, because I'm a woman. 


Anna said...

I never use huge towels - I think that they are a waste of material and only really get used in the middle area. They are heavy and often not that absorbent - they use a lot of energy to wash and dry. I've bought 4 linen towels in a smaller size - they are so light and absorbent and will last decades. Linen is produced with almost no pesticides, so much healthier for your skin. I love them.

Ursula said...

Thank you for the tip, Anna.

My bf loves the huge ones. I'm happy with the small ones, except when I go to a sauna, what I do from time to time.

I'll surly go to a shop where the shop assistants have expertise. Now I can show my knowledge on towels, too. Towels are not the same. Using them daily they should really be so that one loves to use them.