Thursday, July 26, 2012

Late in bed

It was after midnight when I went to bed yesterday, late I got up this morning. So good that I can experience this as luxury and that I can enjoy it without insulting myself. No "but I should have..." can be discovered in my self-talk.

So good that I get back to my relaxed status quickly. When I find myself walking up and down in my rooms, gesticulating with my arms, talking loudly, trying to get across my point to absent people, I know I've a problem: my teeth. No, also this dentist won't repair all! my teeth, only because there is a new technology on the market. They are so intrusive these doctors. Greedy they are, nothing else, my teeth don't interest them. I must stop seeing myself as a victim, they have to accept my "no". My bf gave me good advice: "Say, that you're unemployed". The dentists assume savings if the patient has a certain age, yeah, but I won't spend my bit of money for a dentist so that he/she can pay back the mortgage faster. My body is not a car and my teeth are not the wheels. Might be that one has to substitute all 4 wheels together and not only 1 or 2. This metaphor doesn't convince me either. I intend to become 100 years, and how long does one have a car till it's totaly used up? I enjoy it if someone is a good salesperson and this woman who is cleaning my teeth is very good. She studied NLP, ha, me, too, I know all the tricks. I ate all the salty cashew nuts while I marched up and down in my rooms yesterday. These salty nuts were a wrong grip at the grocery store. I don't buy things with salt. Salt brings up the blood pressure. Nevertheless they tasted good.

I took a shower finally and went out to see a movie: Cosmopolis. The actor Robert Pattinson is indeed a very handsome man. This was the reason why I watched it till the end. The movie was intensive. Not every day I see that someone shoots with a pistol through his hand. This alone doesn't make a movie to a good one. The conversations were pseudo. A reviewer wrote that he cannot remember any contents, because it was pure nonsense what the actors had to talk. Me too, I cannot remember anything anymore of the dialogues. I remember that several times people were swinging dead rats. Also this is not enough to make a movie outstanding.
I got what I wanted: I was distracted from my teeth. Mission accomplished. I walked home from downtown afterwards. People sat still outside, some ate and smoked shisha, some slept already in the streets. It seems to me that also in such a rich city like Munich, poverty of so many cannot be hidden anymore.

My flight plan today:
1. Ashtanga yoga primary series
2. cleaning (project "villa motley), E will come back tonight, this motivates me

Picture 1: It's from 2006
Picture 2: Munich 2012

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