Monday, July 30, 2012

Last led class

What was I glad that I got out of the house yesterday and to the shala. It was so comfortable at home. "The Rum Diary" by Hunter S. Thompson pleases me, it's a page turner. But I went to the led yoga class. I knew that M wanted to count us through second series. I was curious. We did not all of the asanas, but many. For the leg behind head poses he recommended alternatives for those who were not able to do it.

I sweated so much. Even my hair was wet like after a shower. My clothes were wet as if I had taken them out of the washing machine. This is so relative new to me that I sweat that much. Drops of sweat were running down my little body. Was it the warm weather or second series? Whatever, I was able to practice intensively and I enjoyed the ride.

....and from now on we yogis and yoginis are alone for 2 month. We can use the shala for 2 hours today. This is time enough for second series, not for the third series, too. I won't whip myself through all the asanas. What I can do regarding my rhythm I do, the rest can go to hell.

My focus today: back bending. I've new exercises that can help me to improve. I'll show them in the next posts.


Inner Whispers said...

Though I mostly practice alone, I do love the energy of a led class - the sweat and the vibe have helped me achieve things in a class that I never manage at home. Nice that you get to use the shala even when the teacher isn't there!

Ursula said...

It's something different to practice alone. Even though I think finally this is the goal to be able to practice alone.

I do enjoy my home practices.

The Ashtanga yoga community is growing. That such a self-practice can happen is a sign for it.

Happy practices for you.