Friday, July 27, 2012

Kurmasana, the tricks

I learned it a few months back and I couldn't believe it what this yogini said to me: posterior and heels have to lift. I checked my books and it's true. Only chin and arms are on the floor. I hope it can be seen in the picture, but I'm able to do this.

The tricks:
1. First bring your knee almost over the shoulder when you get into the pose. Pose your hands on the floor and then slide the feed forwards. On a sticky mat I cannot slide so I turn my body around.
2. It's in almost every pose important also here: What is on the floor needs to be pressed firmly on the floor. Press your hands and arms on the floor.
3. It's easier if you point the feet in the beginning.
4. The thighs move inwards, it's as if you turn the legs inwardly.
5. Think "forward" (not upwards) and stretch forward, stretch, stretch. Finally the feet lift from alone. Start with the intention to lift the heels.It seems to be easier.
6. After a while shift the weight still a tiny bit forward so and you're up, only chin and arms are on the floor, comme il faut.

Don't forget to breathe.

The 2 most important steps: 
- press hands firmly on the floor
- think forward and stretch the legs.

I needed almost 7 years for this pose as it is now. Be patient. Nothing can be forced. Asanas happen when it's time, then it happens almost by it's own.

Today I'll go to a Mysore class and on Sunday to the led class before the summer break. 2 months we'll be on our own. We committed yoginis try to rent the room so that we can practice on our own. Might it happen. To have from time to time a group practice is so supportive. 


Moe Satriani said...

I really wish that I were that flexible! I am just getting into yoga, and I really love it a lot. I have only taken a few classes, but I want to get into it. Thank you so much for explaining how to do this!

Ursula said...

Be patient and content with what is.
Daily practice will make you flexible and strong. It takes time. If you love to do yoga you will enjoy your practice and this is it.