Monday, July 30, 2012

It was silent

It was silent today during our self-practice. Only the breathing could be heard. Oh, and a yogini who joined later chanted ohmmmmmm loud before she started her practice. We were 9 yoginis. Wow, this is a lot here.

Within the 2 hours I practiced the surya namaskaras of course, the standing sequence till utthita parsvottanasana, the middle part of second series (all of it, but nothing in addition) and the closing sequence. Flow happened. I knew 2 hours is not long.  A steady practice with an even rhythmic was what I aimed at and I got it.

As usual some asanas seemed to be better others not. This is OK. I love that I was so concentrated. No breaks, no dawdling, I was breathing, and I was moving according to the rhythm of the breath. Simple, isn't it.

Tomorrow I want to focus on the asanas of the third series. I'll do a lot of additional exercises after the twists. This is the plan.


Kitharo said...

Love the photo, what a great idea. You should do a "Yoga at unusual places"-series :)

Ursula said...

Kitharo, pssssst, I'm working on my yoga calender 2013. :)

One asana is taken in that washing center today (not the one on the pictures).

Kitharo said...

Ahh I see :) Well that will be a great looking calender :)As for which asanas to add - I always think balancing postures are great looking.

Haha yeah I liked the "poem" too :) And it's nice to hear that other Ashtangis get confused in their Surya couting too haha

Ursula said...

Yes, yes, balancing poses will be found in the calender...:)