Friday, July 06, 2012

In Kristinehamn, Sweden

It's all about relaxation on that trip. We're again in a village where cats and dogs say good-night to each other. I'm remembered of the Western "High noon".

The hotel must have been built in the last century.

Observing birds, lying on the grass, feeling how the wind cools the skin that got warm from the sun, experiencing room, this is Sweden.

A huge lake and one or two ships on it.


Anna said...

You've sold it to me - I've wanted to go for so long... I'm off there a.s.a.p!

I love that German phrase about cats and dogs... is it the English equivalent of "in the middle of nowhere"? or "the back of beyond"?

Kitharo said...

It's great you're having such a lovely time and I've to say: you've taken so many beautiful pictures, I hope you've enough space to save them all (and take more of course :))

Here's another article from that Blog in Prague...this time about a workshop with Manju Jois, it's really interesting and makes you thinking about chanting again (since I totally ignore that mostly haha)

Ursula said...

I'm very pleased, Anna, when my pictures are so good that they give you the last kick to go. You won't regret it.

The phrase that "it rains cats and dogs" I've learned in school. It's a metaphor that doesn't exist so in German language. We say "it rains cords".

Ursula said...

Thank you so much for the article, Kitharo.

Indeed it was a very interesting trip. We've discovered awesome places, that we'll probably never visit again.

I'll link to an album on flickr when it's complete: 100 pic Sweden. Wow! Only best of.......

Anna said...

Ursula: I love "rains in cords" -- it does (why do we say cats and dogs?!)

But I'm thinking about a phrase in German, something like "where the fox and the (something) kiss/say goodnight" --meaning in English "out in the sticks" or "the middle of nowhere"?

Ursula said...

I think I used this metaphor during this trip: we say: dog and cat say good-night to each other.

It translates: it's very lonesome there.