Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I feel the hips

I feel my hips on the front side. Good is I know why. I blame the new poses, especially durvasana. To stand up with one leg behind the head is advanced. My body has to get used to it. I was given this pose so that my hips open and they do, reluctantly, hahahaha......

My bf is already out of the house, on Thursday night he'll be back. 3 days I'll be alone here. So much is to do.

Next steps in the project "villa motley":
1. I must find someone who picks up the broken mirror.
2. I can make an appointment with the Polish man to get the other room renovated. I fear this as there are too many books in this room and too many other things, too, like the bed, 2 wardrobes, my desk. I have no clue how to get all these things out of this room. Nevertheless I don't want to stop half-way. Also in this room the wall-to-wall carpet is used up. It has to be done.
3. On Friday I can buy the wedges and a new board for the shelf.
4. On Saturday we can pick up the sitting environment from the Morroccan shop.
5. Oh and I can clean a lot.

I've another project: Yoga calender 2013.
Yep, there will be another one for next the next year.
Brainstorming is done and ideas are aleady written down. The shooting phase has started.
I hope I can double the turnover. This would mean to sell 4 calenders. I stay optimistic. :) 

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