Thursday, July 19, 2012

I broke the mirror

I must have touched it. After the renovation of the floor the mirror didn't lean against my book shelf, but against the corner of the wardrobe. I even considered to leave it there. Suddenly I just had left the room with a bang it toppled over and fell on the carpet. After recovering from the shock, I checked first the floor, then the mirror. The legs of the mirror have left traces on the NEW floor. The mirror is broken. Also the Indonesian chest has scratches.

Everywhere were splints of glass. I swept them on a shovel. Then I schlepped the mirror like a dead body into the other room. There it is now.

It's all additional work for me. Someone must dispose this broken mirror. It's heavy, I cannot do it alone. Again I need help.

Feelings: I could shoot me to the moon. How could I be so scatterbrained. Awful me. For the next 15 years I'll get reminded of this moment today. I pulled the carpet already over this mishap.

I'll eat out to console me. 


Kitharo said...

First it's not your fault. And's only furniture. I know this doesn't help (since I totally develop a rage when my things are broken) but nobody is hurt and it sounds like there are "only" scratches. So don't be too hard on yourself :)
(and I have to say: the picture is perfect)

Ursula said...

Thank you, Kitharo. I could have been injured.

Another thing that has to go. I will have to substitute it. I'll upgrade. I want to have a mirror with wings, so that I can see my back, too. Hahaha.

Taken pictures with it consoles me.
Bad mood doesn't stay long with me..... wink wink.

Anna said...

We all make mistakes - it's what makes us human :-)
Last year, I propped a full-length mirror up against a wall and as I left the room it slipped on the shiny wood floor of the apartment we had just moved into -- and smashed. Glass everywhere! I just had to clear it up and forget it.

Get a better one!

Ursula said...

Thanks, Anna.
I underestimated the slippery of this new floor. I think that I can be happy that I'm not injured.

I just called the Russian man to make an appointment with him to get the mirror out of the house. Tomorrow he'll call me back.

I searched already for a new one. I'll find one.

Globie said...

15 years! In England it's only 7 years

It wasn't your fault, just an accident.

Ursula said...

Hi Globie,
I underestimated how slippery the floor is now. I'll get over it. Hahaha, a tiny scratch on my floor is not the end of the world.....