Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hunting a new mirror, checking the body

It's the largest mirror shop in Europe even where I've been totay. They exhibit mirrors with golden frames, silver frames, wooden frames. The shop itself is huge. They offer to produce the mirrors exactly in the size that one needs. Only mirrors with 2 wings, they don't have. A mirror with 2 wings on each side one, can be closed and opened. Not to underestimate is that one can check how the backside looks.

The word "to check" provokes another topic: my body. No, not the weight. I sat on the floor this evening and put my body in the asanas of the primary series. My left hip seems to be OK again. I wanted to check if it makes sense to go to the Mysore class tomorrow morning. I will go. I feel good.

Despite this mirror setback the project "villa motley" progresses. Tomorrow the shelf shop is reopened and I can try to get the wedges which I will move under one side so that my shelves stand evenly. On Saturday we'll test the Arabic floor solution. Sometimes tiny step happens, sometimes it is as if a step back happens. Step backs require additional time and patience and a relaxed mind. Sometimes huge steps happen.
I'm not yet fully consoled that the floor has scratches already. I must say they are so tiny that my bf didn't see them: "Where is it?" he asked me. But then he went over it with his finger and a splinter injured his skin. It should be possible to grind it. The Polish men will be able to do it. They will come again to renovate the other room. It's overdue, too.

I had a perfect floor. Perfection doesn't come into being very often. When it happens, it disappears soon. Then the label "under construction" can ge given again. I sense it, this is it what is perfect. That everything changes all the time. Stillstand would equal cemetry. So let's move on.........tomorrow I'll get perfect wedges. Please. 

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