Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to get rid of a broken mirror

The Russian man didn't call back how promised.
Around the corner is another business that offers clearing out. I stopped there yesterday. Quickly we agreed on an appointment. The time span that I have to stay at home is not an entire afternoon, but 1 hour. Today between 1pm and 2pm they'll pick up this broken mirror. This was my tiny step in the project "villa motley", yesterday.
Today cleaning is necessary.
And I can make an appointment with the Polish men. To make this room empty is a nightmare. It's the largest room and full of books among other things. I'll have to put this stuff in my storage room, the yoga room, the kitchen....... OK I'm planning already how to manage this.........

Mysore class starts at 8am today. Before lunch time I'll be through my programme. Psychologically it is as if I've much more time when I start one hour earlier with my practice. Time, time, time.......better to have the feeling to need more time than to be bored.

Unbelievable, but also today it shall become hot. Yepeeeeee.

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